VIP - 09/02/20 - Solosode 2

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Opening drum clip performed by Dan Mayo


Ambient music for the episode by JT Bates


Today's episode was a bit different. This past week has been triggering a lot of thoughts and feelings about the world we live in. I wasn't sure what I was going to say and this is completely improvised but I ended up talking about....

- My lack of trust within the system

- Will masks be a new way of life?

- Are we being consumed by fear?

- Is social media taking over our lives?

Those are just a few topics in this messy, off the cuff episode. I was listening to JT Bates' ambient tune "Round" over and over while I recorded this. I ended up asking JT if I could use this music in the episode because my thoughts were being driven by the music and I felt that it conveyed the right feeling if the music was included in the podcast. So, huge thanks for JT's creativity fueling my own. I hope that everyone is living well during this uncertain and difficult time.