Dan Weiss - 98.9% Honest

“The artistic thing needs to happen. Along with being great parents we just can’t live any other way. I can’t live any other way.”

Dan Weiss is a musician from Brooklyn, NYC who is a drummer, tabla player, and composer. He leads his projects Starebaby, his jazz trio, Fourth Floor, and collaborations with Ari Hoenig and Miles Okazaki.

As well as being a sideman in very high demand, he is also a bandleader and composer. He composes through piano, electric bass, and drum set to create these incredibly moody, complex, rich and compelling works that have a distinct presence to them.

Dan also studies tabla with Samir Chatterjee. This study with Samir has been going on for over twenty years. 

In this interview, you will hear Dan’s complete and total honesty. Dan provided an analysis based on his answers in this interview. The results were,

Honesty = 98.9%

Answers on the whole = 87.3%

You Will Hear About….

  • Dan’s creative process with composing and some details on the new Starebaby record.
  • Dan’s discusses the book You Are Not Your Brain and how he has benefited from this book.
  • How Dan's Guru, Samir Chatterjee, teaches him by example.
  • How Dan adapted to being a father and what he has learned from his daughter.
  • If Dan ever thinks about the future state of the world.
  • If we as adults lose the child-like "specialness" of life.
  • Practicing in your mind vs on the drums.

Why Should You Listen?

I am usually very satisfied with these podcast episodes that I create. But sometimes when they are finished, I have an incredible feeling of connectivity to the work. It is remarkable how much Dan and I related to each other in this one. There was a great sense of honesty, openness and human rawness in this conversation.

Dan and I cover a lot of deep topics that apply directly to the artist’s mind and heart. How do we know when our work is done or if it is any good? How do we obsess over detail, without it suffocating us in the process? These are some of the questions raised in this one. I recommend listening deeply and focused with this one to get the full effect.


Music used in this episode:

Dan Weiss Trio - Timshel


Always Be Closing

Dan Weiss - Starebaby



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