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“Out of pure necessity he started to produce cymbals in his basement on his own.”

Norbert Saemann is a name that I have heard for nearly three years now. He is the AR Rep for Meinl Headquarters in Germany. He has been employed by Meinl since the age of 18 and has been there for 30 years now. He has seen the many evolutions the company has made since 1990 and essentially how Meinl has become one of the leaders in creating cymbals and percussion instruments.

This interview is going to be quite appealing to fans of Meinl mainly due to the fact that up until now there has not really been much content about the actual company. There is, of course, plenty of entertaining content surrounding their artists, cymbal models, and performance videos but there is very little about the actual company and their history. To my knowledge, this is the first time where this is actually being discussed in some form of media.


You Will Hear About….

  • How COVID-19 has been affecting Meinl.
  • An extensive look at Meinl’s history.
  • Some insights to R&D and even some products expecting to launch soon.
  • What makes Meinl unique?
  • Meinl’s philosophy on customer service.


Why Should You Listen?

Well, because if you are a Meinl fan this will be the first time where you are hearing a major representative discuss the company’s history. Until now, that was only available on their website within a few short paragraphs. It is also really interesting to hear about what makes Meinl unique and how they managed to capture such a large percentage of the market. It was less than twenty years ago when their cymbals were not regarded as professional quality. All in all, you have never heard anything like this before regarding Meinl.


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