Yoni Madar - Simple Is Not Simple

“Four on the floor. This is the most important groove in the history of drumming.”

Yoni Madar is an Israeli multi-instrumentalist. He is known well by the drumming community online as “not human”, “alien” and many other other-wordly descriptions. Truth is, Yoni has been practicing a lot over the last thirty years or so. He has mastered four instruments (Guitar, Bass, Keys, and Drums). As a side note: if keys could be played both on the left and right side he would have mastered that too because he can with the other three.

Yoni has chosen a path that does not involve himself with celebrities. Instead, he writes, performs and records his own music, performs locally, and teaches his methods to students. He recently released his video course and book where he presents his methods of teaching that he claims are unique. 

Yoni has taken the art of drumming to an incredibly high level. If drumming was featured as an Olympic sport, I would imagine that Yoni would be Israel's shining star to win the Gold medal. There are very few drummers that I have witnessed who possess his level of independence and technical facility. Go look him up if you don’t know Yoni Madar yet and have your mind blown.


You Will Hear About….

  • Yoni’s take on people’s common reaction to his abilities.
  • Why technique is so important.
  • Thoughts about practice.
  • Yoni’s new record and how it was recorded in one take.
  • Approaching a drum solo with complete improvisation.
  • Why does every drummer need to be able to play Pink Floyd well?
  • Yoni’s video on the open/close technique and his new book.
  • Phil Collins and Genesis.


Why Should You Listen?

This is essential listening for drummers. It is basically an hour and a half long masterclass on why we need to practice our technique, play simple parts well, why we shouldn’t overthink our playing and that is just the beginning. Yoni has so much ability and the proof is everywhere online what this man can do. It is staggering to say the least. To hear him speak about why simple playing is not simple is a game changing message for drummers to recognize. I don’t say this much but this should not be passed over. You must listen to this.


Music used in this podcast comes from Yoni Madar’s new album Consultation


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