Aaron Comess (Spin Doctors, Joan Osborne) - Past, Present, Future

“Ya gotta learn how to control your instrument.”

Aaron Comess moved to New York over thirty years ago and began his amazing journey of music. The New School kicked it off where he met the musicians Chris Barron, Eric Schenkman,  and Mark White to make what would be the classic Spin Doctors lineup. Who knew that they were creating what would be a multi-platinum rock band? I would imagine that those days were a great time to come up as a musician. We definitely had to talk about that stuff.

Aaron talked to me before this interview on a phone call about how he is a heavy practicer. He is constantly honing his craft. It is no wonder how he has carved out such a great career with sessions, producing, touring, and of course, being with Spin Doctors since 1989. He has a really positive attitude towards the music industry and doesn’t get hung up on “the good old days” and remains busy to this day.


You Will Hear About….

  • Does Aaron think live music will ever change?
  • Stepping away from the drum set during the quarantine.
  • Aaron’s time with Bernard Purdie and The New School in the ’80s.
  • Truthful playing.
  • Delta Phi.
  • Aaron tells a story for the first time about a blown opportunity.
  • Advice for musicians who are playing gigs they aren’t stoked about.
  • The Good Ol’ Days.


Why Should You Listen?

This is subjective perhaps, but for anybody who enjoys hearing stories regarding the bands they grew up with if you are born in the late seventies to mid-eighties will like this conversation. The Spin Doctors were some of the heaviest grooving bands of that era and made a mark that hasn’t really dulled much. It is timeless music. So, for me at least, hearing stories of that time period is always good.

The other side of this episode is the advice on controlling your instrument. Aaron is a serious musician and knows what to do in order to keep getting calls. He shares so much good advice on career stuff that is important to check out. A bit of fun with New York mythology during a highly influential time and conversations about what to do presently to help your future.


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