VIP - 06/17/20 - The Human Connectivity Episode (Midnight Thoughts)

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Today's episode is a solo episode where I improvised late at night last Thursday. I began talking into my phone to record some ideas and realized that I was actually making something. I expressed some concerns about the financial burdens of living in an amortized world that I feel prevents people from experiencing more freedom. Also, the heightened stress of living outside of your means when something like COVID hits the world. I also mention some stuff regarding virtue-signaling online and how social media infiltrates our lives and I do talk a bit about BLM and how I am learning a lot but also that I am discovering in the process how complex institutionalized racism really is. Each day I am looking into this stuff further and further and my mind is getting blown each time I dig. And finally, I talk about the preciousness of human life and why we need to be in touch with what is going on and how there is no guarantee for anything.


I featured some music from my friend Sam Cino's band "Chipotle" and share a brief story about how Sam and I met many years ago.