Meditation & Tech with Niraj Shah (Mind:Unlocked)

Meditation has gone mainstream and mindfulness is everywhere as we’re learning that exercising our minds is as important as exercising our bodies. But with their religious origins and associations with “aligning chakras” and chanting with crystals, to the sceptically minded they can appear like just more self-help crazes. At the same time, we’re becoming aware that the technologies we love using may not be so great for how they make us feel. But could technology also become part of the solution for the Western world’s growing mental health issues? Niraj Shah is captivated by the role technology is playing in enabling human possibility. His “no crystals, no mumbo jumbo” project MIND: UNLOCKED - which takes a science-led, practical approach - is one of London’s leading meditation & mental wellbeing movements. Niraj is also the UK Country Lead for Silicon Valley’s Transformative Technology Academy, which is the largest global collective of entrepreneurs and innovators working on technologies to raise mental health & emotional wellbeing.  

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