Living hangover free with Ellie Webb (Caleño) and Millie Gooch (Sober Girl Society)

After a brief hiatus, the DOSE Hacking Happiness podcast is back! To kick off Season 5, we tackle the topic of mindful drinking. The sober revolution is well on its way, driven by millennials and Gen Z's looking to live more healthy, balanced lifestyles without the hangover. In this podcast, we chat to entrepreneur Ellie Webb, founder of Caleño, a non-alcoholic, tropical free spirit, inspired by Colombia and Millie Gooch, founder of the Sober Girl Society - one of the largest communities for sober women.

We discuss how their relationship with booze has affected their careers, blasting the myth that alcohol makes us "more creative" in the boardroom or whilst penning a novel. How drinking has affected their relationships and libido, their confidence and self-worth, as well as their health and fitness. Millie also shares some insight on what it's like dating sober and how her friends reacted to her going teetotal.

If you are frustrated by the lack of exciting and adventurous alcohol-free options, try Caleño. A new Colombian-inspired non-alcoholic ‘spirit’ that has been joyfully distilled with light and zesty botanicals including juniper, pineapple, citrus, spice and the iconic golden Inca berry. The tropical blend is steam-distilled in stainless steels drums and perfectly served over ice, with tonic and your favourite tropical garnish. There are some great recipes to try available on the website such as ‘Tropi-Cali’ with Caleño, pineapple juice, fresh lemon, sugar syrup and refreshing mint, and ‘Dancing Queen’ with Caleño, passionfruit and vanilla syrup.

Pre-order Millie's book "The Sober Girl Society Handbook: An empowering guide to living hangover free" via Amazon

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