Sexual Wellness with Grace Hazel | Women's Healing & Sexuality Mentor

Next on the DOSE podcast, we welcome Grace Hazel to talk all things sexual wellness. Grace is a Women's Healing & Sexuality Mentor and host of the ‘Conversations with Pussy” podcast. She helps her clients with issues such as finding sexual confidence to resolving traumatic experiences that have impacted their sexual wellbeing. This podcast is sponsored by WUKA. Award-winning sustainable underwear for periods & everyday. Carbon neutral and Vegan. UK based with worldwide shipping.

“Sexuality has become the yoga of wellness” and the sexual wellness market is set to reach 125 billion globally by 2026 giving rise to a new category of products from libido boosting supplements to sex tech (check out the episode we recorded with Ferly – the audio guide to mindful sex). The growth is all down to us finally realising how our sexual health is intrinsically linked with our physical and mental health and as Grace says, who doesn’t want to have better sex?

In this podcast we chat about Grace's journey to becoming a sex coach, which began with a very painful experience of Vulvodynia (also known as chronic vulva pain) that she suffered for a decade, how she healed herself naturally by taking part in shamanic plant medicine ceremonies and empowered herself, leading her to wanting to help others.

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