Diane Youdale aka "Jet" from Gladiators on Body Positivity

Our next guest on the DOSE hacking happiness podcast is 90’s icon "Jet" aka Diane Youdale from the hit TV show "Gladiators".

Diane Youdale, otherwise known as “Jet”, was an inspiration to many. All the girls wanted to be her, and heart throbs like Robert Pattinson, among many others, were in love with her. She was known for her signature hair flicks, athletic physique, cartwheels on the podium and her skill at navigating the "hang tough" event - a game of aerial chess.

We talk about her early years as a gymnast, her rise to fame during the show, the extreme highs and dangerous aspects of being a Gladiator - like falling 15ft from "hang tough" and from the top of "the pyramid" that almost left her paralysed. She discusses her transition to retraining as a counsellor and psychotherapist, her relationships both on and off the show and how her attitude to self-care and body image has changed over the years. She also hints at a Gladiators revival 30 years on - a possible reason for the launch of the GladPod podcast hosted by herself and journalist David Blackmore.

Get ready for a trip down memory lane...

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Crazy about Gladiators? Tune into the GladPod Podcast with Diane Youdale and journalist David Blackmore, who interview the characters who made Gladiators what it was, and their lives before, during and after the show.


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