310 - Becky Lucas, Danielle Walker, Tom Cashman and Ben Kochan

Recorded last year at The Vanguard released now to let you know I have 4 live DYKWIA shows as part of the MICF, April 1, 8, 15 and 22 at 3pm at Morris House (ex European Bier Cafe 120 Exhibition St)

Tickets are at joshearl.com.au/gigs

Plus I am doing 2 live podcasts at the MICF Festival Club at Max Watts

100% Hits Vol Pod April 4

DYKWIA April 18

Tickets for these shows are also at joshearl.com.au/gigs

If you're not in Melbourne and want to hear the shows become a Patreon subscriber at Patreon.com/DYKWIA where they will be released in full the Monday after each show

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