Waking up unrefreshed? Consider this: James Nestor

Taping your mouth shut at night has gone mainstream.

I have been taping my mouth shut using microporous tape from Boots (for about £1.50) for about five years now. I used to hold my breath at night and suffered from brain fog - and this one hack had a transformative effect. Now the research is starting to show how powerful it can be.

Best-selling author of Breath - James Nestor - is another sleep tape advocate, and explains the dangers of mouth breathing and what to do about it.

So, if you rarely wake up refreshed, or you snore, or wake up with a super dry mouth and need to glug back water through the night – don’t rule out what a difference a bit of super cheap sleep tape from the chemist might be able to do for you.

**there is a video clip of the different techniques James and I use on my Instagram page @simonmundie**


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