The art of breathing correctly: James Nestor

It may be easy to think – we all know how to breath, but many of us do it in a way that is not optimal for our health.

This week’s guest is science journalist and best-selling author of 'Breath, the new science of a lost art' James Nestor.

The science shows breathing through your nose is key, as is not over-breathing – something we are prone to doing, particularly when stressed.

James has been part of some extensive research which shows the damage that mouth breathing can do, and it is pretty startling.

We talk about the optimal number of breaths to take per minute, how breathwork can be transformative when it comes to things like releasing trauma and how it can have a dramatic impact on sports performance too.

We also talk about mouth taping at night - something I have done (in the face of ridicule!) for several years. Thankfully James does it too, and shows why it can be so beneficial.

There are some really simple tweaks you can make after having listened to this episode which will benefit your overall wellbeing – and I’m excited to share this chat with you.


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