How Your Parents Shape Your Beliefs & Behaviours & 'Guiding Narratives'

This episode is about how much our parental influences shape our outlook on life. While we all come into this world with some innate traits, we are also largely a blank slate to start with, but are hugely conditioned by our upbringing. But I think the really interesting thing is that we invariably pick up a framework of what is right, and how to behave in those early years – and that can then shape our beliefs and behaviour for the rest of our life – unless we start to question the 'guiding narratives' of our life. 

We all have conditioned beliefs and ways of seeing the world that we didn’t actively choose. The challenge is to uncover what our guiding narratives are – and then consider whether they are serving us in the way we want them to. A belief is just a thought we feel to be definitively true – and while beliefs are more 'sticky' than thoughts about the weather – we still have the capacity to notice them, and not take them seriously – if we choose to. That's for each of us to decide.




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