Finding Flow: Rupert Spira

What is flow and what does it tell us about reality?

Wimbledon has a different feel this year, because someone who has captivated the audiences here for two decades is missing – Roger Federer. Now Roger’s not this week’s guest, I’m still working on that, but I am talking about Roger as an example of someone who was so able to enter flow and be inspired when he played, to the delight of people watching. His play has been described as transcendent and akin to religious experience. So – flow is something that gets talked about a lot – and it is a state that people can chase, but – if you chase flow, you are blocking it from happening, because a key characteristic of flow is the absence of the sense of self, or the sense of 'me' doing the chasing.. I explored the idea with Rupert Spira, a philosopher of non-duality.


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