Communicate with Clarity and Confidence: Ros Atkins

Communicating what we want to say for maximum impact is far from easy. It’s also not something many people work on. But Ros Atkins, creator of the hugely successful viral BBC videos 'Ros Atkins on...' is truly a master of the craft, and in this episode he shares some of the key techniques and outlooks that make him stand out.

Ros has identified the ten elements of what makes a good explanation as well as the seven steps you need to take to communicate what you want to say with clarity and impact, and we dissect them in this conversation.

Ros has written an outstanding new book, called The Art of Explanation: How to Communicate with Clarity and Confidence – which is highly recommended for anyone wanting to sharpen up their communication skills in any area of life and learn from the best in the business.

Ros has hosted coverage of many major stories around the world for BBC News, including the death of Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama's first election victory and inauguration as well as the football World Cups in Germany and South Africa. He created and hosted Outside Source live from the BBC newsroom, covering all the biggest international stories in a highly original and innovative way. He is now the BBC’s Analysis Editor, and continues to make his outstanding viral videos for the BBC.

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