Bitesize: How to calm your critical inner-voice

Are you someone who is better at giving other people advice when they are faced with a problem than you are at helping yourself? If so - don't worry - it’s a really common phenomenon.

Everyone has an inner voice. Sometimes the conversations people have with themselves can tip over into destructive rumination and self-criticism, which can affect our mood and negatively impact our physical health and overall wellbeing.

The acclaimed psychologist Ethan Kross calls this kind of destructive self-talk 'chatter'. In this episode Ethan shares a simple but powerful technique to calm the chatter down so that it has less of a negative hold over you. It’s about choosing the words we use when speaking to ourselves wisely - and embracing what he calls a distancing technique.

Ethan has done lots of research in this area, at least in part borne of his own experience of the destructive power of chatter, and his technique might just help you when you are drowning in rumination, and catastrophising self-talk.


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