BITESIZE: How Can You Have As Many Good Days As Possible?

How can you have as many good days as possible? It’s so easy to continually be looking to the future – and pay too high a price in the present as a result. Frances Houghton is a five time Olympian, who won three silver medals, 4 world championship golds and held two world records in rowing.

Early on – she set two goals, to compete in as many Olympic games as possible, and to win Olympic Gold. Eventually, that drive and need to win gold led to burnout, and so she realised she needed to redefine success. It led to a profound epiphany – it was about collaborating with other people and appreciating them along the way – not simply continually looking to success in the future and pinning her happiness on that. Frances retired on the Olympic podium in 2016 as part of the first British women’s eight ever to win an Olympic medal – and the picture of her and her teammates beaming with joy while holding hands on the podium speaks volumes about the value of her change in outlook.




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