BITESIZE: Fame - and what drives people seek the attention? 1996 F1 World Champion Damon Hill

We all come into this world with unconditional worth – and then we lose sight of that and spend so much time running around trying to prove that we are enough. It’s part of the human condition – and has been something of a key theme running through this podcast.

One of my guests I talked about this with was the 1996 formula one world champion Damon Hill, whose father Graham had also been a world champion – making them the first ever father-son duo to achieve the feat.

In this episode:

  • Why complete self-acceptance, and the joy of simply being, is the ultimate state
  • The sense of lack that drives some people to seek fame
  • The impact that fame has on those who rise to acclaim, and the rest of society who put them on a pedestal
  • The value of looking inwards and developing self-awareness
  • Getting help on the journey of self-reflection - and the value of therapy




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