A formula for choosing how to spend your time: Ed Jackson & Lucy Gossage

"Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time."

Most people are super busy and the rates of burnout are soaring. So, something has to give, but the question is what? One person who came up with a brilliant formula for working out how to spend his time is Ed Jackson. Ed was a professional rugby player who broke his neck and was told he would never walk again but has made a remarkable recovery.

Ed's formula for how to spend his time changed his life, and also changed the life of one of my other guests who listened to our conversation, and adopted Ed's formula in her own life. She is the 14 time Ironman Champion Lucy Gossage, who is an oncology doctor and founder of the 5K Your Way, Move Against Cancer co-founder. In this episode, we hear from them both.

Lucy's charity: https://5kyourway.org/

Ed's charity: https://www.millimetres2mountains.org/


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