What Surfing Taught Us About Learning

It all began with a provocative question from Claire and it ended with Greta spending last week learning to surf in Bali!

Now if you know anything about surfing then you’ll be laughing right now because you’ll know there’s only so much you can learn in a week! 

Back in podcast HQ, complete with a few bruises and very sore arms (paddling and pop ups are hard people!!), it got us thinking about the lessons and crazy wipeouts that so many new learning experiences can entail. 

We also asked ourselves, “what is the best way to learn a new work or hobby-related skill?” Thanks to Greta’s thrills and spills on the water, a very patient instructor, and some research we have some answers.

So in this episode come to Bali with us and hear what surfing taught us about learning, including:

  • Why knowing how you want to learn something can make all the difference
  • How homework can be both helpful and sometimes very unhelpful 
  • The genius tactic Greta’s surfing instructor used, and  
  • What she did to transform her experience out on the water from one day to the next.

Grab your swimmers, pull up a sun lounge and enjoy this episode. Who knows what you might learn next! 

P.S. Greta is ready for surfing sponsorships and endorsements any time!! 😂

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