The ‘Secret Sauce’ Behind Successful Change

This week’s episode covers surely one of the most topical subjects right now: how to deliver or be part of successful change at work. If the Pandemic wasn’t enough, digital disruption and changing economic and geo-political conditions are certainly ensuring that virtually every business we know of is running a change project of some sort. 

That’s especially true for one of our listeners who got in touch and asked us for any tips or advice we could give her to support a big change project in her workplace.  So we decided what better time to explore this important topic and figure out if there’s a ‘secret sauce’ to successful change? And if there is, what is it? 

You’ll want to listen in because we have the answers to both questions for you in this episode. 

We also hear priceless advice from seasoned change expert, Carole Ashford, who’s spent years helping big corporates implement successful major change projects. Carol also has a Masters of Change and numerous other change qualifications.

In this episode you’ll hear how:

  • None of us are immune to being part of change these days
  • How to respond when change projects impact you
  • How to build your change-ready ‘muscle’, and of course:
  • The Secret Sauce to making sure your change project goes well!

So before you so much as change outfits, why not pop in those ear buds and enjoy this episode!

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