The Amazing and Creative World of Immersive and Extended Realities

Today you are coming on tour with us to a newly opened, state of the art immersive technologies research centre at Portsmouth University in England. 

The CCIXR, or Centre for Creative and Immersive Extended Reality, is the UK’s first facility where the latest in special effects, gaming and virtual reality technologies are all brought together. 

Come with us as we learn all about this cutting edge facility from the Centre’s Business Director, Pippa Bostock and Specialist Technician and Producer, Hattie Ball. 

As you’ll hear, the Centre is at the forefront of how technologies are converging to make all kinds of experiences that much more realistic - from films and theatre, to museum visits, as well as incredible training simulations for industry and the armed forces. (Think virtual reality on steroids.) 

In this episode we start with Pippa taking us through the big picture including the metaverse,  and then we’re going to dive a little deeper and speak with Hattie who walks us through a real example. 

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • What Immersive and extended realities are
  • How and where we might see them used in the future
  • How you can learn more and get creative yourself
  • And exactly how the buzzword of the moment, the Metaverse might play out. 

All the people at the CCIXR were so welcoming so a big shout out to the whole team there. Let’s start the tour shall we? 

Useful Links

CCIXR (Centre for Creative and Immersive Extended Reality) website

Pippa LinkedIn 

Hattie LinkedIn

Hattie Ball’s personal website

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