Tessa Clarke - The Difference One Person Can Make

We’re excited to be bringing you an inspiring and very relevant guest this week given world leaders have been meeting at COP 26 in Glasgow for vital climate talks as this episode goes to air. 

Tessa Clarke is Co-founder and CEO of the international food sharing and household goods app called OLIO. Her passion for sustainability and for creating simple ways to help all of us to take simple but powerful steps to help the environment is just what we need right now! 

Tessa and her Co-founder (whom she met at Stanford doing her MBA) launched OLIO in 2015 and originally focused on food waste in the home, although now you can find new homes for all kinds of other items as well. 

OLIO has just successfully closed a Series B fundraising round raising $43 million dollars from top tier VC firms who have described OLIO’s 5-fold growth in the past year as phenomenal. More than 5 million OLIO users in 53 countries are now reducing not only food waste but also preventing more than 3 million household goods going to landfill as well.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Tessa wished she’d made the time earlier in her career to stop and really reflect about what she was passionate about doing in her career
  • How Tessa came up with the idea for OLIO; 
  • Her four tips for female founders raising funds; and 
  • How food waste globally results in greenhouse gas emissions that would make it the 3rd largest country in emission terms in the world.

And last but not least, Tessa shares how western householders make up for HALF of all that food waste. So dear fellow citizen of Planet Earth, please make haste and devour this episode with the determined and passionate Tessa Clarke. Enjoy! 

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