Stefanie Nissen - Style & Hope Shine Through

Happy December everyone! 

The end of the year can mean travel planning for a lot of people, and business trips and holidays are the bread and butter for the fashion entrepreneur and founder on the show this week, Stefanie Nissen.

California-based Stefanie founded her business ‘Trvl Porter’ with the idea that you would arrive at your destination to find a hand-picked travel wardrobe waiting for you at your hotel. When you’re heading home, you can buy the pieces you love, or return them all simply by leaving them with your hotel. 

The business was starting to take off when Covid effectively put Stefanie’s business into hibernation. All the more frustrating as not only had the business been really starting to get traction, it had also enjoyed some great coverage in the NY Times as well. 

In this episode you’ll hear where Stefanie is at today in figuring out the future for Trvl Porter as well as: 

  • How she started her career in fashion design 
  • The advice her designer employer gave her that made her really change direction 
  • How losing her luggage inspired the idea for a brand new business 
  • And, Stefanie shares how a significant trauma actually led her to have the courage to start her new venture 

This episode shares stories that are both moving and hopeful. So if you’re after some inspiration, hope and courage in your life, don’t miss this one with the resilient and courageous Stefanie Nissen. 


Useful Links

Stefanie on LinkedIn (Stef’s new married name is Barkman)

Stefanie on Instagram

TrvlPorter website


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