Nothing by Halves! - Kerry James

Our fabulous guest this week is Kerry James, CEO and co-founder of not one, not two, but three different businesses! Not so remarkable you may be thinking if these businesses came one after the other, but no, Kerry is doing this all simultaneously. 

After spending many years successfully running and co-owning a high end real estate business in Singapore, Kerry is now building two other businesses in completely different industries.  

The first new venture is in the flower delivery and subscription business, and the second business is filling a niche she spotted more recently in online and corporate gifting. 

Now while Kerry knew everything about real estate in Singapore after building that business for more than twenty years, she and her friend, turned co-founder, Sandi Sadek, knew nothing about the flower industry, delivery logistics or e-commerce prior to launching their online flower business, Flower Addict. What’s more they both still retain their big full time work roles.

Despite these novices starting from scratch, Flower Addict has been a roaring success, being voted number one florist service in Singapore for five years, and they’ve only been going for five years!  

In this episode you’ll learn how: 

  • Kerry manages her time juggling three businesses and a big family 
  • The huge learning curve she had with the ins and outs of a fast moving ecommerce business 
  • How asking for help and being prepared to invest in getting the help she needs makes all the difference 
  • How she shifts her attention from one business to another in  the most positive way; and 
  • Exactly why Kerry even wants to run three businesses all at once. 

Enjoy this episode with the positive and unstoppable Kerry James. 

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