Mikaela Jade - - Pioneering for First Nations

We have a treat in store for you today with a guest whom we reckon is one of the best storytellers we’ve had on the show. 

Australian entrepreneur, Mikaela Jade, otherwise known as Mik, is the Founder and CEO of Indigital, a company developing innovative new ways to digitise and translate knowledge, culture and stories from remote and ancient First Nations communities.

Mik, a proud Cabrogal woman, is a UN Permanent Forum Indigenous Issues delegate; she’s a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Augmented and Virtual Reality; and she’s also been recognised as a Top 100 Innovator in Australia. 

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • How Mik reacted when, as a young adult, she learnt she had indigenous ancestors
  • How she came up with the idea of using augmented reality to share cultural stories in the national parks where she worked
  • How hard it was to get people to help her progress her augmented reality ideas
  • What happened when Mik reached rock bottom, and
  • The one technology Mik thinks we all need to read up on.

We think you’ll LOVE this conversation with the ever-so resilient and compelling storyteller, Mik Jade. 


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