Making the Leap from Corporate to Startup - Maya Hari

We’re back from our much needed holiday and super excited about our guest this week. She’s a technology veteran who’s just made the leap, after a long career with big global tech brands, to run a climate tech startup in Singapore. 

Maya Hari spent over 15 years in the digital media, mobile and e-commerce industries, working in the US and in Asia Pacific with companies such as Google, Samsung and Microsoft. She also led Twitter’s operations in Asia Pacific.

Now she’s taken up the reins as CEO of a startup called Terrascope with a mandate to scale the young venture. She’s had three months in her new role and is excited about how it fits both her professional and her personal purpose.

You can tell Maya is a deep thinker and we love how she talks about: 

  • How she made the decision to leave big corporates to join a startup
  • How she assesses when it’s right to make a career transition
  • What she learnt from her most challenging career experience,
  • And we just loved a habit of hers that she calls ‘Serendipity Reading’.  

So without further ado, enjoy this conversation with the strategic and thoughtful Maya Hari. 

Useful Links

Maya on LinkedIn

Terrascope website

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