Inspiring Others with Her ‘Why’ - Lina Xu

If you’re inspired by people who have a worthy and clear purpose or mission then you’re going to love our episode this week. 

Our guest is Lina Xu, co-founder of a Medtech startup called Telecare which offers under-served people living in regional and rural areas virtual access to specialists and other healthcare professionals.

When Chinese born and raised Lina moved to Australia seven years ago and became a mum shortly after, she felt very isolated, out of touch with her new country and alone. 

Whilst still breastfeeding her second son four years ago, Lina realised she needed to make a change and do something more in her new country and so this quietly spoken and determined woman, along with her husband, co-founded Telecare. 

Two doctors joined them as co-founders and all were inspired by the potential of Telecare to fill a vital healthcare gap by enabling regionally based patients to have affordable access to city based specialists and allied healthcare professionals. 

As luck would have it, Telecare was founded just 6 months before Covid happened, so their foresight and careful stakeholder management has really paid off. So much so that Lina was awarded a Cartier Women’s Initiative Fellowship this year as one of Oceania’s leading female entrepreneurs. 

In this episode you’ll hear how:

  • A family tragedy helped Lina develop the resilience and adaptability that’s so valuable as a female founder
  • How having a clear and impact-focused Mission has made it much easier for Telecare, and Lina personally, to garner supporters 
  • How she and her co-founders are making headway with innovative technology in what is a very conservative and risk averse healthcare sector; and  
  • Why relationships are so important to her. 

What struck us about this inspiring conversation with Lina is how clear she is about her ‘Why’ and how that’s morphed into becoming something much bigger and even more meaningful with her business. 

We think you’ll love this episode with the humble and mission-driven Lina Xu. 

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