How to Shine on LinkedIn

With so much talk about the ‘Great Resignation’ and all the job changes that are occurring as a result, what better time to make sure your LinkedIn profile is working for you? 

In this episode we share some valuable ‘insider’ tips and gain an insight into how recruiters use LinkedIn to find the right people. We’ll also hear from US based Executive Resume writer and expert Donna Svei who will share insights you may be surprised to learn. 

And you’ll glean some valuable tips to ensure that you are doing yourself justice on this all important platform. 

You’ll learn: 

  • How you can optimise your LinkedIn profile
  • What parts of your profile get shared by recruiters with their clients, the hiring managers  
  • And, a simple step you can take that could make a surprising difference.

Here’s to you having an ‘All Star’ profile and shining bright! Enjoy.

Useful Links

Executive Resume Writer, Donna Svei’s website

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