Greta Thomas - Creating Her Own Path

Hello and welcome to another special episode of the show. 

For those of you listening in the past few weeks, you’ll know that we have finally relented to the many requests over time to share our own stories.

Claire’s been overwhelmed with the responses to her episode that we aired two weeks ago and this week it’s Greta’s turn to be interviewed by Claire! 

Claire loved chatting with Greta about her innovative and fascinating career journey to date. 

Tune in now to hear: 

  • How Greta spent the very first part of her working career as a professional ballet dancer
  • How she hasn’t finished high school and doesn’t have an undergrad degree but managed to get an MBA and work at prestigious management consultancy, McKinsey & Company 
  • How, against all odds, she managed to secure her dream job working for an overseas organisation founded by Bono 
  • And, what she learnt from her time on the executive teams at eBay and Sydney Opera House. 

Without further ado, enjoy this episode with our inventive and strategic co-host, Greta Thomas.

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The Lazarus Effect Documentary co-produced by Greta


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