Future Proof Me - The Narratives We Tell Ourselves

Hello and welcome to this week’s Future Proof Me mini-episode. 

Valentine’s Day was only a week or two prior to us recording this episode and it really brought home how we’re often primed to make our self worth dependent on being loved or valued by others. 

Whereas what really counts, is what we think and say to ourselves! 

This brings us to the wisdom of the amazing 92 year old June Dally Watkins, whom we were lucky enough to feature on the show some time ago but still in her 90’s. Very sadly, she passed away early last year leaving an incredible legacy as a pioneering businesswoman and total inspiration.  

In the first part of this week’s mini episode, you hear June talk, in her own inimitable way, about just how important it is to like and love yourself. 

Then we explore the labels we can unconsciously (or consciously) give ourselves and how these can really make a BIG difference. And they’re really influenced by how much we have self-worth, love and respect. 

We hear an inspiring story of how Barcelona-based innovator and futurist Cecilia (‘Ce Ce’) Tham, suddenly realised how negative the labels she was giving herself were. She changed them and her prospects changed completely with them. 

What labels do you give yourself? Do you truly like and love yourself? 

Enjoy this week’s mini episode to hear from two super wise, fabulous and diverse women. 

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