Future Proof Me - Founders’ Reality

This week we look at the realities of being a startup founder. Becoming an entrepreneur and a founder is increasingly popular, even with school students where a recent survey showing that 40% of them now want to be entrepreneurs when they complete their studies. 

But it’s not all fame, fortune and delightful autonomy if you intend to build a business that will scale and survive. And we figured, who better to hear what being a founder is really like than one of Australia’s most successful female entrepreneurs, Cyan Ta’eed, the Co-Founder of the hugely successful digital marketplace, Envato (valued at over a billion dollars). 

Cyan is also the founder of the ethical chocolate company Hey Tiger and go milkshake, an app for Instagram influencers. 

In this episode she shares with us just how hard she and her co-founders worked to get Envato off the ground. It didn’t mean that they couldn’t choose where they’d work those long hours as you will hear in this fascinating insight into this Founders reality. 

Enjoy this mini episode. 

Useful Links

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Hey Tiger website – order your chocolate here (delivery to Australia, NZ & US for now)

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