Future Proof Me - Facing Failure

This week’s mini episode is all about facing your fears and not being held back in life by the fear of failure. 

It’s important to know that we don’t always recognise how we’re feeling as ‘fear of failure’ when we hesitate or say no, but often that’s what lies behind any hesitation.  

In this episode we hear again from Kat Dunn. Kat was running Grameen Australia when we spoke a year or so back and these days Kat is working for herself and very much still focused on social ventures. 

Kat has thought a lot about failure and has held numerous failure-themed events in the past, and as a result, she has all kinds of wisdom to share as you will hear in this future-proofing, mini episode. 

Extra Info

Here are the 4 different lenses we shared at the end of this episode that can help when you’re worrying about failing. . . 

1. Growth Mindset - overcoming a fixed mindset and embracing the prospect of growing and learning;

2. The practise of Gratitude - to be more positive;  

3. Purpose - instead of focusing on what you're afraid of, think about what are you moving towards? 

4. Play - we underestimate the power of play in the adult world to really unlock creativity and get us into a state of inspiration and action, the perfect antidote to failure-inspired hesitation and inertia. 


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