Future Proof Me - Courage for All Things

Our mini episode this week is packed with wisdom from one of our most thoughtful guests. 

Social entrepreneur, author and one of Forbes Magazine ‘100 Greatest Living Business Minds’, Jacqueline Novogratz, blew our socks off with her inspiring purpose and thoughtful wisdom when we spoke with her last year.

We particularly loved how Jacqueline spoke inspiringly about courage and creating change, and she uses the analogy of bulls and doves in a brilliant way. At the time she was releasing her latest book, Manifesto for a Moral Revolution. 

Jacqueline starts by stressing how important it is not to spend ages thinking about doing something but to make a start, even if it scares you. 

You’ll also learn how she channels her inner bull and dove and how she overcame her fear of public speaking.

Enjoy this episode. 

Useful Links 

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