Future Proof Me - More than an Idea . . .

Welcome to another of our mini episodes where we revisit the specific pearls of wisdom that our amazing guests have shared with us. 

This week we’re exploring what it takes to really innovate in a big corporate or government organisation. Because, as you’ll hear, successful innovation is about much more than having a great idea. Often the challenge really comes when you try to get that idea off the ground. 

You may remember a conversation we had with Mandy Birch, an executive with quantum computing company, Rigetti Computing. Mandy also spent many years in the US Airforce in senior operational and logistics roles in the field so she knows all about innovating and getting ideas passed in large organisations.  

You’ll hear how Mandy thinks about generating breakthrough ideas and, importantly, getting some of them implemented! 

Enjoy this Future Proof Me episode. And if you are getting value from our show then please rate and review us on your podcast listening platform, we’d really appreciate it if you haven’t already. 

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