Future Proof Me: Key to Fulfilment

Welcome to this week’s Future Proof Me mini episode. 

For many of us the past few months have shrunk our world to the confines of our homes and our local suburb. What we’ve noticed can sometimes come with that, is a tendency to lose sight of the bigger picture and of others who may be doing it tougher than we are.

It’s why we thought it was really timely for this beautiful reminder from social entrepreneur Ronni Kahn of the value we personally derive from helping others, even now when uncertainty and disruption is still so prevalent in our own lives. 

We were really moved by her first hand testimony of how her experience has been that you get so much more than you give, and that time is so precious we all need to think about what we’re doing now, not putting things off for “one day” in future. 

This point was brought vividly home to us as we just heard the news that one of our recent guests, artist and muralist Taylor White has been injured in a serious road accident in Iceland. Fortunately she’s confident of making a full, if slow, recovery so we’re sending her love and heartfelt “Get well soon Taylor” wishes. 

Seize the day dear friends. 

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