Future Proof Me - Career Decisions

Welcome to this week’s mini episode all about how you should think about career opportunities. Making career decisions can be really stressful can’t it? 

One guest who made a big impression on us with her career advice is the well known Australasian leader, Michelle Guthrie. 

Michelle has had an international career including being CEO of Star TV in Asia, a senior executive at Google in Asia, and she was Managing Director of Australia’s national broadcaster the ABC - a term which ended in great controversy and was a challenging time for all involved.

Michelle really believes all of us need to take a few more risks and think about our careers with the long term in mind. She also has great advice on how we need to back ourselves more and trust we’ll figure it out even if it seems really daunting. 

So if you’re in need of some reassurance and perspective on a career decision, then this is ten minutes you need to spend right now! 

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