From Side Hustle to Multi Million Dollar Business - Chi Mai

Our guest on the show today is a successful entrepreneur who has leveraged the power of social media to grow her one-time side hustle into a multi million dollar business. 

Chi Mai, was born and raised in Hanoi in Vietnam. She came to Australia to study and it was in Melbourne some years later that her career took an unexpected turn. 

Instead of the corporate career she’d always imagined, she ended up with no experience and barely in her 20’s, starting a jewelry business.

In just two short years since its founding in 2018, Chi’s business, called S-kin Studio Jewelry, was taking off.

 In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • The marketing strategy that changed everything and created an explosion in the growth of Chi’s business 
  • How and when Chi decided to let go of her day job and devote herself full time to S-kin Studio
  • What she’s learnt as an introvert so she can successfully lead and delegate to her team of 9 staff; 
  • How having a baby has changed her work habits; and 
  • What success looks like for Chi.

Without further ado, enjoy this fascinating episode with the entrepreneurial and passionate Chi Mai.

P.S. You’ll only hear Greta this week as poor Claire lost her voice with a flu virus. 

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