Don’t Quit Your Day Job - Aliza Knox

This week’s guest was named IT Woman of the Year for the APAC region in 2020 and despite her illustrious and super busy career in senior regional leadership roles at Google, Twitter and Cloudflare, Aliza Knox also managed to find time to mentor many women along the way. 

As a result of all her rich experience, Aliza has just published a book on the 6 essential mindshifts you need to rise and thrive at work. The book is called Don’t Quit Your Day Job

These days, Aliza serves as a non executive director on Boards in multiple countries and is a senior advisor to her old consulting firm, Boston Consulting Group. 

We were fascinated to catch up with Aliza to learn more about her own career lessons as well as the 6 key mindshifts she’s identified in her book. We think you’ll be fascinated too. 

Hear unique advice and stories including: 

  • Why a bad job situation led to Aliza moving countries
  • Why reflecting on your career options at any point in time is so valuable 
  • What job dating is
  • And, which of the 6 essential mindshifts Aliza believes has been the most influential in her own career. 

Aliza has some amazing career advice so sit back and enjoy this episode.


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