Decoding Generative AI and all the Hype

If you’re like us and have been playing a lot with Generative AI models such as Chat GPT or Bard lately then you’ll be fascinated by today’s episode on all things Artificial Intelligence and particularly Generative AI. 

Today, we’re joined by a world class AI expert in what will be the first of a series of occasional episodes we’re doing on different aspects of AI and machine learning. 

In this episode, we explore the hype surrounding Generative AI and explore its positives as well as issues and shortcomings. 

Listen in as we speak with AI expert and entrepreneur, Asaf Somekh. Asaf is Founder and CEO of Israeli-based AI company called Iguazio, which management consultancy McKinsey has recently acquired because of its prowess in helping companies successfully adopt and scale AI.

Asaf has been working with Artificial Intelligence since the 1990’s and his take on all the recent hype is fascinating. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How most businesses have struggled to operationalise AI to date
  • Exactly what Generative AI is and where it falls short§
  • How Chat GPT compares to the professionals when it comes to humour; and
  • How important ‘explainability’ is going forward. 

Plus, we share some of our favourite resources to help you keep abreast of all that’s happening in this fast-moving world of AI. 

Enjoy this episode! And if you do, why not share it with a friend? 

Useful Links and Resources 

- Neat Prompts - AI newsletter

- Hard Fork Podcast - Tech podcast

- Chat GPT- AI chatbot by OpenAI

- Google Bard - AI chatbot by Google

- Hey Pi - AI chatbot by Reid Hoffman

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