Connie Mckeage - Resilience and Perspective

This week, we’re really thrilled to be able to share our conversation with experienced founder, CEO and all round impressive operator, Connie Mckeage.

Connie recently sold OneVue, the listed fintech business she ran in Sydney for 14 years. It was a dramatic journey at times, particularly when OneVue was left being owed $31 million dollars by another company which had collapsed. 

Connie is Canadian and has spent most of her career in financial services. With OneVue she and her 200 employees were looking to disrupt the funds management market by creating a new digital model that aimed to cut out the middleman and reduce fees for end investors. 

Connie has an impressive list of awards to her name including being awarded the Centenary Medal for contribution to Australian business leadership; as well as twice being named CEO of the Year at the Women in Finance Awards, including last year at the same time she was fighting to keep her business afloat when it was owed $31 million. 

In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • How Connie started her career in financial services by accident 
  • How she dealt with her husband’s vehement opposition to her business for years on end
  • What she learnt from the hardest 18 months of her career; and   
  • Her advice if you’re looking to disrupt an industry. 

So get comfy and listen now because Connie has such wise and thoughtful insights on so many topics. 

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