Championing Creativity - Lucinda Barlow

It’s not everyday you come across a global marketing leader who trained as an engineer and computer scientist! But that’s true for our visionary guest this week, Lucinda Barlow. 

Lucinda is Senior Director, Head of Marketing for Asia Pacific for Uber. Before joining Uber two years ago, Lucinda was global Marketing Director for YouTube, with its 2 billion daily users.

With more than 20 years of experience working in Internet and mobile in Asia, the US and UK, Lucinda has some incredible and varied experience coupled with a true passion for championing creativity. 

In this episode you’ll hear how:

  • How Lucinda changed her life, and her job, after receiving some wise advice from fashion designer and icon Diane von Furstenberg
  • How she thinks about making big career transition decisions
  • Why she believes failure should be celebrated more
  • And how Lucinda brings creativity out in her teams. 

Enjoy this episode with the incredibly passionate and creative Lucinda Barlow. 

P.S. A reminder that our mini episodes are taking a little break right now so we’re back with a new episode every 2nd week. 


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