Bringing Nature Indoors - Belinda Everingham

This week we have a treat in store for you: an Australian entrepreneur who’s literally bringing nature indoors with her creation of a whole new segment using Australian native botanicals for products such as handwash, cleaning products, and dog shampoo. 

Founder of Bondi Wash, Belinda Everingham, launched her business in 2013. Today, the premium Bondi Wash range is sold and known around the world for its quality, chemical-free formulations and beautiful scents. 

Curiously, what Belinda’s doing now with her business is light years away from how her career started as a management consultant. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How serendipity helped Belinda scale her overseas presence not long after launching
  • What happened when Belinda had to go into battle with a US giant trying to stop her using her brand name
  • The one thing she believes is critical for success in business
  • And why, when starting Bondi Wash, Belinda threw her rigorous and structured management consultant training out the window.

We think you’ll love this episode with the super thoughtful and inspiring Belinda Everingham. 

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