Bobbi Mahlab AM - Defining Success on Her Terms

Our guest this week is entrepreneur and philanthropist, Bobbi Mahlab. 

We think you’ll love Bobbi; she’s authentic, brave and very humble! 

More than 20 years ago, Bobbi founded the content marketing and communications agency, ‘Mahlab’. Given how much the publishing and content businesses have changed in two decades, it’s a testimony to Bobbi’s foresight and agility that the business thrives and continues to evolve today. 

Much more recently, Bobbi also co-founded the fast-expanding Australian arm of Mentor Walks, an initiative she was exposed to when she took part in a Mentor Walk in China, the brainchild of one of our earlier podcast guests, Michelle Garnaut

Bobbi’s business has won multiple awards and accolades, and Bobbi herself also has her fair share of honours including recently being appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for her services to women, publishing and philanthropy. 

Bobbi has some fascinating insights and perspectives on women in business and being an entrepreneur, particularly thanks to the insights she gleans from all the women taking part in Mentor Walks as well as from being a Juror on the prestigious international Cartier Women’s Initiative awards for entrepreneurs. 

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How it felt to grow up with a very high profile and feminist mother
  • Why Bobbi thinks leaders need to act like a hammerhead shark 
  • What it was that made her walk into her office one day and say “everything changes from today” 
  • The formative experience that taught Bobbi to think bigger 

Enjoy this episode with the humble, wise and entertaining, Bobbi Mahlab. 

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