Allison Kent-Smith - Not your Typical Entrepreneur

Our episode this week features an American woman who abandoned the security and prestige of working with some of the world’s most sought after ad agencies to start her own businesses.

Her name is Allison Kent Smith and one thing that really stands out about her is that she has consciously refused to pretend to be someone she’s not when trying to find VC investors for her startup.   

That startup,, is a new platform for creating rich audio learning experiences featuring a host of multimedia options such as links, articles and graphics.

In our conversation you’ll hear how

  • Allison has experienced a few seminal moments when she just knew she had to leap out of her comfort zone work-wise
  • What a Silicon Valley VC told her when she met with him for funding that nearly made her give up
  • Why she asks herself how can she do less when she wakes up 
  • And how she’s found her tribe of investors and supporters by staying true to herself  

So sit back and enjoy this episode with the not so typical entrepreneur, Allison Kent Smith. 

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