Adina Jacobs - Win-Win Relationships

This week’s episode features one of the most unassuming and humble entrepreneurs we’ve met.

Adina Jacobs is the Co-Founder of an international technology accessories company called STM Goods that basically created a whole new category of product when it launched it 23 years ago. (Think really functional and yet not boring laptop backpacks and bags, ipad and tablet covers, chargers, and a whole host of other accessories.)

Adina’s success as a young entrepreneur is testament to the power of building win-win relationships; whether it’s with manufacturers or retail clients. It was thanks to great relationships with Apple resellers that led to her products landing coveted space in Apple’s own destination retail stores when they launched. 

And not only does Adina work with Apple but STM are also key suppliers of Microsoft accessories as well, plus many other brands. 

Adina is also Co-Founder of Mentor Walks in Australia, a not-for-profit expanding all around the country with its ‘walk and talk’ model. We had her Co-Founder, Bobbi Mahlab, on the show some months back.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • How a creative use for a padded postal envelope 23 years ago was the genesis of a new product category, and an internationally successful business
  • How Adina thinks, and goes about, building win win relationships 
  • How STM has succeeded getting things successfully manufactured in China and elsewhere in the past two decades; and 
  • How to set yourself up for success with your Co-Founder. 

So sit back, relax and enjoy this episode with the humble and high achieving Adina Jacobs. 

Useful Links

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STM website

MentorWalks website


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