4th Birthday Special - Highlights & Memories

We can hardly believe it but Don’t Stop Us Now! is officially 4 years old! 

It was quite a different world back when we launched in 2018. Covid wasn’t a ‘thing’, working from home was often seen as a privilege, and organisations never would have believed they could ‘convert’ to digital and remote operations as easily and rapidly as they did.

We’ve had a ball going back through the 146 episodes of the past four years to bring you this special episode featuring wonderful highlights and memories. We also identified a few key incredibly helpful themes that keep cropping up with our inspiring, pioneering and innovative female leaders (83 so far and counting). 

You’ll also hear about the one moment Claire will NEVER repeat again as well as the moments that filled us with wonder and awe. Plus, learn how you could win a $100 Amazon gift card. 

So come on a highlights-filled journey with us now. . . preferably whilst eating cake and supping champagne!  :-) 


Our How to Manage Your Inner Critic episode: 

Our How to Breathe Easy About Your Purpose episode :  

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