2021 - That's a Wrap!

We’re really thrilled to share a very different type of episode, one that features some of the best advice and insights from six of our incredible guests this year. We recap some of the key themes that emerged from 2021 AND we explore how to set yourself up for 2022.

If you’re looking for some perspective at the end of another crazy year filled with all the highs, lows, cancellations, and uncertainties that come with living during a global pandemic then you’re welcome! :-) 

After listening to these amazing and inspiring guests you’ll:

  • Hear what we and others think is most important, really 
  • Be inspired by the simple steps you can take to build a better world; and
  • Feel equipped and ready to constructively farewell 2021 and welcome 2022 with the right mindset and the right priorities for you going forward. 

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we’ve enjoyed revisiting our time with the amazing people who joined us this year. 

Finally from both of us, we wish you and yours all the very best for a safe and joyous Festive Season and we look forward to sharing lots of adventures and insights with you in 2022. 

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