171: Integrating Rust and Elixir with Dave Lucia

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Relying on customers to report errors is not good. It's rude to customers and bad for business.

Ideally, this would be solved easily with tests. Why not just cover every scenario with a test? Then life would be perfect and fine and great. Because here in reality, humans are pretty bad at writing tests. Not just because we’re all kinda lazy and maybe a little dumb, but also because we can’t anticipate every single way users are going to interact with our product. They might do something really, really, really stupid (or something really, really, really smart) that we didn’t think about.

That’s why Sentry tells you about errors in your code before your customers have a chance to encounter them.

Not only do we tell you about them, we also give you all the details you’ll need to be able to fix them. You’ll see exactly how many users have been impacted by a bug, the stack trace, the commit that the error was released as part of, the engineer who wrote the line of code that is currently busted, and a lot more.

Your code is broken. Let’s fix it together. Sentry.io.

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Dave Lucia

Dave has been writing Elixir since the Fall of 2016 where he was an early developer at theoutline.com. At The Outline, Dave helped build a news website and CMS in Elixir and Phoenix. Part of that journey was working with Dockyard and Chris McCord. Using Elixir, The Outline was able to support a few million users a month with just two Heroku dynos, with the second needed only for backup.

Dave was at The Outline for two and a half years, and is now Platform Architect at simplebet.io. There, Dave is combing Elixir and Rust to build realtime betting products.

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